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¡Historieta número tres!

            This guide will take you through all the spots that you must not miss in Mumbai. [Sure, there are very many places, especially if you have a specific idea for your visit (trying food, going to temples, etc..) but, if you are only her...

¡Historieta número dos!


     Imagine, you are walking, but not necessarily walking with a purpose, just, walking around, enjoying yourself and everything that you are looking at because it’s new, you have never seen any of it before and you are exploring,...

The first of the Historietas Series


If you ask me to describe Mumbai in one word


would be the unequivocal adjective that could be used under any circumstance. Organized chaos, to be precise, but more on that later. We arrived a little after noon, which allowed me...

     Starting next week, I will begin my "Historietas" project. I will be telling stories about this past year, where I have been, who I have met, places that are over rated or places for which you should prepare emotionally to visit. Take a look into the wonderful yea...

Listed here are the recovery effort that are known to be trustworthy, where 100% of the donations will be used pro-relief. Me or a trusted friend can vouch for each of the organizers to these.

Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund

The devastating effects of hurricane...


     Yes, I decided to start with the controversial one first, but hey, after this, it’ll be out of the way. Always make sure you know about recurring conditions and diseases that you have no knowledge about in the country you are visiting. Whether you decide...

Catch a glimpse of our African roots in Loíza, a town in Puerto Rico that magically embodies this part of our heritage that is unknown to many. Fall in love with the food, the music and most of all, what it means to be a Caribbean soul. 

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This travel guide, the first of many, will take you through different stops along the way to Ponce, Puerto Rico. Discover why they call it The Pearl of the South.

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